Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one thing after another

Please pray for me and the community that I live in. It seems like there has been trauma after trauma for the last month or so. I know that the enemy is most active where the work of God is being accomplished.

First, pray for Nuala and her husband Ben. He is in serious condition in a hospital in South Africa for a brain trauma. We aren't really sure of the exact situation, but they need a huge amount of prayer. Pray for Nuala's strength, their 4 children who are here in Malawi, and of course, for Ben's healing. God is a God of miracles, let's pray for one.

Second, there appears to be an outbreak of German Measles or Rubella at the Academy. From what I understand the sickness isn't too harmful. Except for an unborn child in the first trimester. I know of at least one person in that category on campus and I'm sure many more at the academy.

Just pray in general for God's hand of protection to be over the Academy as we seek to do his work and share his love.

Zikomo Kwambile (Thank you very much)!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I lied...

This is the last one. I forgot to post my favorite pictures from this year so far. Reading Day is an annual tradition at the academy. The kids dress up as a character from a book. I dressed up as Aslan, obviously from my awesome costume.
Last year I had three spidermen. This Tinkerbell was the costume of choice. The Tinkerbell in the middle is Lisa (the one who lost her father in a car accident a couple of weeks ago).

one more...

I think 4 blog posts in one day must be some kind of record. I know that most people like to look at the pictures more than they like to read the words, but I felt like I should give you more of an update on how things are going.

Our first term of school is officially finished. I've been here for three months already! I just finished my report cards a couple of hours ago. The time is really flying by. My theory is because it still feels like summer outside, so I don't comprehend the fact that it's acutally almost November. I'm glad the first term is over, it seems like it's one of the harder ones to make it through because it's so busy. And so hot.

I'm teaching swimming lessons to 4 year olds. It's fun because the kids are really cute and I get a tan, but stressful because there are 14 of them and only two of us. Also, for those of you who know me, I don't really like to swim. Don't ask me how I got myself into that one.

The little time left of my week is spent hanging out with Annie (my wonderful roomate), baking things that aren't healthy for me to eat, watching a lot of movies, and reading.

As always, your support of my is essential to my work here. I couldn't do it without you! Keep me updated on how you are doing as well!

Love and prayers to you.

First Grade One

This is my classroom. It's the same one as last year, it just looks a lot better. Do you see any of the things that you send on the container? The alphabet did. And so did most of the books in the reading corner.
The reading corner.

My name is on the door this year. That is exciting. Ms. Stephens is apparently my assistant. She hasn't come to my class yet. I think she starts in January.

my kiddos

The first grade classes got together to do some baking. We were learning about community helpers so we made scones. Brenda Burg's famous scones, in fact!

We all worked together!

My little darlings. Don't be fooled by their innocent looks.

This picture is a much better visual of what it's REALLY like to teach first grade.

a power cord!

Safari Pictures and thoughts:

1. I love the African sky.

2. Giraffes are still my favorite animal.

3. Monkeys can entertain one for hours. Literally. It was so hot that I could not focus on anything except how hot I was. Until the monkeys came along. This was the tree right outside of our chalet. The tiny baby monkeys were so cute.

4. Giraffes are my favorite, but lions are pretty amazing. They are the king of the African plain. You can also see the Luangwa river in the background. All that is brown and sand is filled with water in the rainy season (all the way to the trees).

5. I like this picture because it is symmetrical. I like zebras because their stripes are all different, but still orderly. They sound like a donkey, in case you were wondering.

6. This picture says safari to me. This is our guide, looking for the lions.